Digital Permaculture Toolshed

A curated collection of free and low-cost apps to help you design and share your permaculture projects!

Google Earth For Farmers 1: Download, Basic Functions

Basic information and navigation of Google Earth for Farmers Contact: Steve Gabriel,

Google Earth for Farmers 2: Drawing and Measure Tools

Learn to draw points, lines, and shapes. Discover the measure tool to calculate distances, fencing needs, and acreage. CONTACT: Steve Gabriel

How to Use a Standardized Scale for Permaculture Design

In a quest to stream line the design process we use a standard scale for all our work and then resize the artwork for final delivery. That way we always have...

How to use Google Maps to create a Landscape Base Map

Every good landscape begins with a plan, and every good plan begins with a base map. In this video we'll show you how to use google maps to create a base map...

7 Smartphone Apps That’ll Make You A Better Permaculture Farmer and Designer - Permaculture Apprentice

Can you imagine your life as a permaculture farmer without a chainsaw… electric fence… plastic pipe… battery-powered tools…?Or can you imagine your life without being able to Google something when you have a burning question about your chickens, trees, various plant problems…?Well, it wasn’t all that long ago, and some of you can probably remember a time when we didn’t

Using Evernote to Manage Your Permaculture Design Info

One of the biggest issues in learning permaculture is managing all the information and data. In this video I talk about a system I created to help me manage ...

Putting Together a Permaculture Garden Design using OmniGraffle

In this video I am going to demonstrate the Permaculture garden design that I assembled. I’ll show you how I create overlays, where I got my base layer image...

How to make a FREE Topographic Map for Permaculture Design

A brief tutorial on how to make topographic maps of your property using ArcGIS Pro. These maps can be used to get a better understanding of the water and ene...

How to use SketchUp contour lines for permaculture design swales : sustainablesurvival - How to make contour lines in SketchUp. - How to use an A-frame level ...

Permaculture Design in Illustrator - Residential Landscape Plan

Dan Halsey of United Designers joins Pete Widin of the The Epic Ecopreneur to review a 1.5 acre suburban permaculture design that Pete is working on for a pa...

Systems Thinking Resources

See our Systems Thinking Resources below! Concepts and Frameworks The Five Learning Disciplines Developed by renowned systems thinker Peter Senge, these five disciplines each enhance the ability of a person or organization to use learning effectively. Leveraged together, they contribute heavily to the success of learning organizations, defined by Senge as, “…organizations where people continually […]